Your property couldn't be in safer hands when you sign up to our guaranteed rent scheme. We look after your building and the tenant. We are on hand 24/7 and treat your property as our own.

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Our qualified and uniformed team of in-house maintenance workers and network of expert contractors will, with your consent, carry out any necessary work required throughout the lifetime of the agreement. We can deal with a huge range of jobs from simple maintenance to building repairs, decorating, kitchen and bathroom installation, electrical work, boiler, plumbing and appliance repairs and even small building renovations. All our tradesmen and contractors are insured and hold the relevant qualifications and certification.

Maintenance issues are annoying enough when they are in your own home but dealing with a remote issue in your property which is someone else’s home can be an absolute nightmare. Getting the best price, understanding the cause and explaining how to avoid in the future to the tenant. Even arranging for the contactor to gain access can be a logistical challenge and of course in the same way that toast always falls face down these issues always occur at a time least convenient for you.

With Assured Properties you won't even be aware of minor issues as these are dealt with totally autonomously by us. Obviously if God forbid there is a major issue or failure we will discuss the solution with you, the owner and then get on and fix it.

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