7 Steps towards Guaranteed Rent
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Step One – Contact

Get in touch with us. You can use our contact us page or telephone us on the number above.
Our experienced valuer will then ask you for the details of your property(ies) and give you an valuation of the rental income you can expect to receive. If you like what you hear, arrange for one of our agents to pay you a visit.

Step Two – Inspection

Once you’ve arranged a visit, one of our agents will come and inspect your property(ies) to confirm that it is up to standard.
We’ll then make you an official offer and give you time to look over our terms and conditions.
If you’re happy to go ahead we can usually agree and sign contracts within seven days of the valuation.

Step Three – Signing on the dotted line

There’s no getting away from documents, but once you’ve given us everything we need, we are all ready
You lease your property(ies) to us and we take over managing them for you. With that in mind we need three sets of keys per property.

Essentials – what you need to provide:

Proof that you own the property and you have the right permissions to let
Proof that you have full buildings insurance cover in place to cover the term of the lease
A valid Gas Safety certificate
An electrical test certificate

Step Four – Feel the weight lift from your shoulders

Now you can enjoy the relaxed feeling you get when you know your property is being managed by a team of professional experts. All this at no cost to you

Step Five – Tenant Selection & Agreement

We choose tenants very carefully to match your property, and carry out all of the relevant checks

Step Six – Pre-Tenancy Arrangement

We do all of the required paperwork and transfer all utilities and council tax to the tenant's name.
We also prepare a full inventory ensuring that when the property is returned to your, it will be in the same condidion, accounting for fair wear & tear.

Step Seven – Sit Back & relax!

Once contracts & Terms & Conditions have been signed, rental payments are made directly to your bank by Direct Debit.
You just sit back, relax and leave the rest to us.